Hiwot Ali coordinates the JRS counselling department and community outreach in Mai Aini refugee camp, northern Ethiopia.

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Currently JRS serves one in every hundred displaced people in the world. You too can play a part in the JRS story. You can support refugees by learning more about them, and telling their story. You can participate in JRS campaigns, by doing one thing for a refugee, and encouraging other to do the same on social media. You can support our work financially by donating money, and by letting others know about our work. Do one thing, and be part of our story.


JRS seeks for passionate and determined donors with the mission to accompany forcibly displaced people in finding their path forward. JRS supporters feel connected, invested, and eager to share the stories of the professional or entrepreneurial journeys that refugees embark on from inception to execution.

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Other Ways to Support Our Work

Thanks to the support of partners, JRS can maintain the capacity to run its global operations ensuring provision of educational services, psychosocial care and humanitarian assistance to 640,000 forcibly displaced people.

Donating a few hours of your professional advice or signing up for a long-term volunteer experience can make a significant impact in the work we do for refugees.


Without the partnership of Institutional Donors JRS could not maintain the capacity to continue running its global operations.


Your major gift will allow us to reach those most in need, and will have a lasting impact on the lives of many refugees.