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Your donations give weight to our actions to ensure the protection of refugees' fundamental rights, such as the right to life, security, freedom and physical integrity. Thanks to your support, we give hope to those who need it most. You enable them to rebuild their lives with dignity. Through your solidarity, you make the world a better place. And for that, we thank you!

by helping to rebuild families

Your donations help to create new opportunities for women, men and children. By supporting our sponsorship program, you provide invaluable support to people by offering them a helping hand during this difficult period of transition. You help them rebuild their lives, find security and integrate into Canada.

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by contributing to education and a change in mentality

Thanks to your donations, we inform, educate and inspire the public, addressing the complex realities and humanitarian issues facing uprooted people. By raising awareness of the reality of refugees, we bring about a positive change in attitude and action towards them.

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By helping families take back control of their lives

Imagine for a moment the shock and distress of being forced to leave one’s country, culture and community, often under traumatic circumstances. By donating to our support program, you help them rebuild their lives emotionally, psychologically and socially.

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