Montreal, fall of 2020

Refugees are not just numbers; they are people. Raising awareness about the dire human reality of being a refugee changes the way we look at people crossing borders seeking safety.

JRS Canada understands that, unless you’ve actually had the experience of being a refugee, it is difficult to comprehend the enormous challenges and obstacles refugees face every day. We have created numerous initiatives to help sensitize the general public on matters concerning refugees, initiatives such as peaceful demonstrations and running events for rights of non-status people, press releases whenever a major policy change concerning refugees is announced, our podcast “Refuge”, and group exercises that role play what it’s like to be a refugee. 

A Journey into Exile is a role-playing exercise developed by JRS Canada that puts participants in the shoes of refugees. Fleeing persecution and violence, you have to decide whether to bring your family or not, whether to pass through customs or avoid them, whether to look for work or to steal from others. The exercise can now be done over Zoom. Lockdown or not, we are committed to helping people understand more about the virus of forced migration so that the world can recognize the humanity of refugees.  Learn more


Webcast: No one must be forgotten (bilingual) 

Statement “Anges gardiens/Guarding angels » (bilingual)

Refuge – the podcast