From august 30 to september 02, 2024, JRS is organizing its “resilience” summer camp for refugee families the Lac-Simon summer camp. (This link redirects you to a French website.) The camp is open to those who cannot afford to take a family vacation.

Choosing the theme of resilience for this summer camp is a way of recognizing the strength and courage shown by all those who have lived through atrocities and who, despite it all, look forward to a positive future in Canada.

Why a summer camp for refugee families?

This summer camp is specially designed to provide entertainment and rejuvenation opportunities for refugee families who have been uprooted from their home countries due to conflict, persecution or other crisis situations.

Who can participate?

  • All refugees who have arrived in Canada under a JRS sponsorship program and wish to spend time with their families.

What are the conditions for participation?

  • Lac Simon Camp is a Jesuit-affiliated organization, and operates mainly thanks to a number of volunteers and benefactors.  This allows us to provide everything free of charge: bus transportation, food and use of facilities and equipment.  In this spirit of gratuity and benevolence, camp participants participate by taking care of it as if it were their own space.  A symbolic contribution of $10 per family is recommended but not mandatory.

Dates to remember:

  • Registration period: From May 30 to June 17, 2024

To participate

you can contribute to the summer camp in a variety of ways.

  • Sign up,
  • become a volunteer,
  • make a donation

Need more information?

Contact us at the following address :