Co-Sponsored project by JRS/USA and JRS/Canada

Get ON THE MOVE if you want to know first-hand:

  • What leads a person to leave their home, family and friends
  • What happens to them along the way, the different situations they face and all the complications of seeking refuge in a camp or claiming asylum in a new country
  • What comes next as they integrate into their new communities


*Tevfik Karatop leads an Journey into Exile activity with students from Loyola high school.

ON THE MOVE puts us in motion towards those who are searching for a future in which there is security, peace, opportunities.

ON THE MOVE mobilizes us to be fraternal citizens who want to move in solidarity with refugees and migrants around the world.

Invite your community to get ON THE MOVE through our available activities: 

*Events in the US will be coordinated by JRS USA and events in Canada will be coordinated by JRS Canada. No matter if you are in the US or Canada, both programs are accessible to you!


In-person event that can be delivered by the hosting institution following the provided Toolkit. The exercise is held in an open area where participants can learn more about particular aspects of the refugee experience and get an insiders perspective into the hardships, frustrations, and often the pain that refugees endure.

Learn more here.

*For inquiries related to either event: 

Visit  ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ to the left to learn more.


Visit ‘A Journey into Exile’ to the right to learn more.


Online simulation exercise to raise awareness about the reality of refugees around the world seeking safety, security, and a better life in a new country. As a refugee, you will make various group and individual decisions, hear refugee testimonies, and watch videos about their journeys, challenges, and resilience.

Lear more here.

JRS will provide all the materials, a network of support, ideas from good practices, and a guidebook to facilitate follow-up activities.

For more information, questions, or to register for either activity, please fill out this form.