World Day of Migrants & Refugees 2021

25 April 2024


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Prayer of a refugee

Death is not far away.

Death is never far away.


I went to my sister’s house.

The house was no longer there.

My sister was no longer there.

Her husband was not there.

Her children were gone.


Lord, where are you?


I left my house,

With my husband,

With my children.

I took what I could;

It was not much.


Lord, do you hear me?


I walked for nights

Trying to avoid the enemy

My children are hungry;

My husband hurt his foot;

I am very tired.




Lord, do you see us?


We arrive at the boat. 

The sum is not enough.

I stay with the two youngest.

My husband goes with the older one

In the boat that is crowded with

people like us.


Two days later,

I hear that a boat has been shipwrecked.

I try to contact my husband and my son.




Lord, where were you?


Did you hear their desperate cries?

Did you see them sink into the sea?


On this World Day of Migrants and Refugees, let us be the hands, feet, eyes and ears of the Lord.  Let us act now!